Congregation History

Guthrie Grove Congregation began as a way for a former youth minister to reach out to the adults who were once teenagers in his youth program. David Ettinger reached out to a small group of his former youth and asked them to direct a one time retreat for those in their age group. It was a success! Many came from near and far to reconnect with each other and Guthrie Grove. A few years later, many in this small group of directors – and several others – worked together to provide a new worship opportunity for all people. All are welcome!

Our congregation is a new type of worship opportunity
• for people who can’t make it to church every Sunday but want to be a part of a vibrant congregation
• for people who don’t currently have a church home, but would like to reconnect with a congregation, God, and His people
• for people who have a connection with Guthrie Grove and just want to spend more time there
• for people who have never been to Guthrie Grove but are seeking the transforming love and grace of Jesus Christ
• for anyone who wants a deeper relationship with God and the people who love Him.