27 – 29 Apr, 2018 Retreat

Guthrie Grove Emerging Congregation

The Leadership Committee of the Guthrie Grove Emerging Congregation would like to invite you or someone you know to join us on 27 – 29 Apr, 2018 for a new worship experience. Our congregation is a new type of worship opportunity
      • for people who can’t make it to church every Sunday but want to be a part of a vibrant congregation
      • for people who don’t currently have a church home, but would like to reconnect with a congregation, God, and His people
      • for people who have a connection with Guthrie Grove and just want to spend more time there
      • for people who have never been to Guthrie Grove but are seeking the transforming love and grace of Jesus Christ
      • for anyone who wants a deeper relationship with God and the people who love Him.

If this is you, please join us in February for a transformational, life changing experience on the hill. If, as you were reading this, you thought of someone who would love this opportunity, please share this with them and encourage them to join us or have them contact our co-pastors, Shelly Marr Twitchell at shellytwitchell@yahoo.com or Rod & Kathy Angroth. The atmosphere at our retreats is welcoming, joyful, loving, accepting, relaxing, and transforming. ALL are welcome no matter your past or your present. We meet four weekends a year, and we will welcome you and anyone you send our way with open arms.

Each Retreat we have a guest minister. This Retreat, ___________ is joining us and teaching about the theme “Moving Forward Matters!”. Moving Forward in the Light of Your Divinely Instilled Call.

Bring your family and friends! Please go to www.congregation.guthriegroverc.org/register/ to register or contact one of the planning committee for more information.

Hope to see you there!